About Us

Version 791, Inc. is a company formed by experienced engineers and developers in the technology industry. Thus, it became an information technology partner in software development, web design and development, network design and infrastructure,server setup and installation, database structure, technical seminars and consultancy.
The exposure to various technology development from overview to detailed design, structure, and implementation applied to different entities in government and private sectors harnessed its core and foundation as a technology solution provider. Its confidence as a solution specialist and provider does not reside alone with theories garnered in academe, or through the research and developments widely available online but from the competence formed from years of experience in developing from ground up applying solution realtime and live.
The heart of of the organization is providing a cost effective solution for individual and business needs in the field of information technology. Primarily the services offered are as follows:
  • Software Development
  • Web Design and Development
  • Network Design and Infrastructure
  • Server Setup and Installation
  • Database Structure Analysis and Design
  • Technical Seminars and Consultancy
  • Graphics Design and Printing Services
Official website of Version 791, Inc. Http://www.version791.com/